eBIKE Rental

E-MTB Assisted rental

Our E-MTB quality rental, 45 min. From Milan to escape when you want and especially you can!!!.

Only quality bikes

The assisted bikes offer freedom.

Fatigue-80% company + 200% Mete + 500% enjoyment + + +

Ride with much more satisfaction, afford destinations judged unattainable. Getting to the top in the times and in their own ways, choosing the company. All this means MTB assisted. From us you find the means for you, bicycles of excellent quality. Models for men, women and even children starting from 8/10 years. You can rent them and buy them both new and used.

Find bike Atala, Whistle and haibike German manufacturer world leader in the E-MTB sector of which we are official distributors.

In our rental point in May you can find only quality assisted bikes. Motored Bosch and Yamaha, with frames with modern geometries, full or front suspended with excursions up to 150 mm. 400 Wh batteries. or 500 Wh. Plus size tires, hydraulic disc brakes also with 4 pistons and much much more


Possibility to have, on request, included in the rental price: Helmet, doorbell, smarthphone bag, seat cover in gel, padlock, emergency KIT.

They are also available, adding a modest sum: trailer carriers, holders, carriers, tow bars….